culinary matcha tea from Japan


100g of organic matcha to set your imagination free and to make creative sparks fly!


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    This culinary matcha from Japan is very important to me, since it represents creativity and imagination. Make plenty of recipes, main courses and desserts, works of art, beauty masks, and green experiments!


    You can run wild because, while this is our least expensive matcha, the organic quality and culinary properties are top notch.


    As with our premium organic matcha, this organic culinary matcha has been expertly blended by a chai master, with the difference being that the tencha leaves used in its preparation are of lesser quality than those used for our premium matcha.


    The difference between premium matcha and culinary matcha are comparable to the difference between a Grand Cru wine and a cooking wine. These are two different products, for two different uses.


    You can take inspiration from our recipe book (we regularly add new recipes).


    So use this matcha without restraint to let your imagination run free!





    Thanks to all the participants of the May 2017 Matcha Cooking Contest!

    I will contact you privately about prizes (every participant receives a prize).

    Just so you know, I hold a cooking contest every month! Everyone can participate!

    Participate by posting a selfie with your Kumiko Matcha organic culinary creation (with the sachet visible in the picture), and then sending me the link at


    Ideas: crazy smoothie, appetizing pastry, green cake, matcha cookies, artistic painting... have fun! Japanese organic culinary matcha is ideal for all your recipes from main courses to desserts, smoothies, protein shakes, and creations of all kinds.

    Whether you use matcha for its beneficial properties and antioxidants, for its fine taste of green tea, or for its electric green color, all of these recipes will be sublime. This matcha tea is specially adapted for cooking.

    It is also interesting to taste it as a tea to notice the difference from the premium organic matcha.

    Take inspiration from our recipe book (we regularly add new recipes) and also on instagram with the hashtag #matcha.


    Japanese organic culinary matcha, certified organic

    net weight: 100 grams

    best kept refrigerated

    resealable, recyclable polythylene sachet

    expiration date: 31.08.2020 (lot 1809)


    average nutritional content for a 1g serving:

    Calories 2,655 kcal or 11,151 kJ

    Fats 33 mg .....including 8.05 mg of saturated fat

    Carbohydrates 368 mg .....including : 31 mg of sugar

    Protein 221.5 mg

    Sodium 0.032 mg

    Fiber 337 mg

    Tannins 120 mg

    ORAC Score 1699

    Calcium 4.35mg

    Potassium 14.69mg

    Caffeine 26.5mg

    Catechins 171mg .....including 80.5mg of EGCG

    Amino Acids 23mg .....including 9.85 mg of L-Theanine


    mandatory legal notice

    price per kilo : 280€


    average nutritional content for 100g :

    Calories 265.5 kcal or 1115.1 kJ

    Fats 3300 mg .....including 805 mg of saturated fat

    Carbohydrates 36800 mg .....including 3100 mg of sugar

    Protein 22150 mg

    Sodium 3.2 mg

    Fiber 33700 mg

    Tannins 12000 mg

    ORAC Score 169900

    Calcium 435mg

    Potassium 1469mg

    Caffeine 2650mg

    Catechins 17100mg .....including 8050mg of EGCG

    Amino Acids 2300mg .....including 984mg of L-Theanine


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    culinary matcha tea from Japan

    culinary matcha tea from Japan