ultra-premium organic matcha


The most luxurious and highest quality - among the best organic matchas in the world - limited series

2018 - 2018 - Why cover the tea plants?

In this video, I show you:

  • the special silver covers that Nishi-san uses to cover and protect his tea plants
  • the difference compared to an uncovered field
  • the color of Nishi-san's tea leaves

2018 - What makes Nishi-san's matcha unique

In this video, I show you:

  • what makes Nishi-san's land unique
  • harvested fields of our ultra-premium 2018 organic matcha
  • the release of the new 2018 vintage

What is ultra-premium organic matcha?

The Mount Everest of matcha. The quintessence of the art of Japanese matcha tea. Ultra-premium organic matcha is like the Rolls Royce of the matcha world.

If you are familiar with our premium organic matcha, you know that it is the product of an extremely complex and obsessive process. Ultra-premium organic matcha exceeds all these qualities hundredfold. It is complete insanity, the result of hundreds of years of improvements and secrets passed down from generation to generation to create such a wonder.

Internal and external beauty

To do this ultra-premium matcha justice, we had to have a container that was just as special and exclusive.

So, I asked my good artist friend Luke to draw the label. Luke is a tattoo artist in the best tattoo parlor in Saigon, Vietnam. During my trips and explorations, I spent a lot of time in Vietnam, and I met Luke when I was getting one of my tattoos...

Luke Recycle Tattoo Saigon

He agreed to draw a design for the ultra-premium organic matcha box so that the object can be a work of art both inside and outside. Just like every one of us.

This 2018 vintage is limited to 200 30g boxes.

You can place an order now (if you successfully placed an order, your box is reserved). Your ultra-premium organic matcha will be delivered around December 2018 (I will personally inform you of the delivery date).

Videos from 2017

2017 - From the fresh tea leaf to matcha: a video to show you all the steps

I used to love Fred and Jamy's "It's not rocket science!" popular science show for kids! In this video, I will bring you along for the ride: we will see the journey that a freshly harvested tea leaf from Nishi-san's fields goes through during its transformation into ultra-premium organic matcha.

I am very grateful to Nishi-san for letting me film in his organic and rainforest alliance certified factory.

2017 - Interview de Nishi-san : how far can we push the limits of perfection of organic matcha?

That's the question Nishi-san, the farmer who produces our ultra-premium organic matcha, asks himself every day.

While wandering through Japan, lots of farmers that I spoke to about Nishi-san confirmed that he is a "mini-celebrity" in the intimate matcha circle in Japan and that he is celebrated for producing the highest quality organic matcha.

2017 - The secret of ultra-premium organic matcha

This video is the first of a series on our ultra-premium organic matcha. I show you the secret of Nishi-san, the 5th generation farmer who produces one of the best matchas in the world...

The ultra-premium organic matcha is exceptional. Set aside a magical moment or a special occasion to drink it.

You can prepare a matcha tea with 1 to 2 grams of powder for a "delicate" preparation (usucha in Japanese), and you can also try a "thick" preparation (koicha) to experience all the aromas of this ultra-premium organic matcha: measure 3 to 5 grams of powder per bowl.
  • ultra-premium organic matcha tea from Nishi-san's exceptionally unique land
  • net weight : 30 grams
  • use 1 to 5 grams per preparation
  • certified organic, imported from Japan
  • vintage harvested in 2018, limited availability
  • expiration date: 31.05.2020 (lot 181109)
  • best kept in the refrigerator
  • reusable and recyclable white iron box
mandatory legal notice
  • price per kilo : 2933€
ultra-premium organic matcha

ultra-premium organic matcha

ultra-premium organic matcha

ultra-premium organic matcha

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ultra-premium organic matcha

ultra-premium organic matcha