summer matcha to be consumed cold - 5g


A matcha to be prepared cold, an ideal refreshment with zero bitterness.

I was looking for a matcha that would be ideal iced or cold, for when you're on a trip or traveling for business if access to hot water is difficult, or as a refreshment on a hot day.

And a matcha whose flavor profile would be suitable for drinking cold, with no bitterness whatsoever.

What is the difference between a traditional hot matcha and a cold matcha?

In fact, when you drink hot matcha, the sensation and the taste are completely different from that of cold matcha because the heat infuses the tea, releasing more aromas and sometimes more bitterness as well.

With iced matcha, the taste changes because the tongue is a bit numbed by the cold, and certain notes are less detectable and replaced by different ones.

So, there are really subtleties in the flavor profile and I wanted to find a matcha that would be excellent and very good when prepared cold.

I found it: this matcha that I named summer matcha so that you can take the Uji sun with you!

This matcha tea comes from a partner farmer who I visited in the Uji region of Kyoto province.

This matcha has the typical taste of Uji matcha, with lots of umami.

The great thing is that when you prepare it cold, there is almost no bitterness at all, even when you use a larger dose. Plus, the mousse that forms during the preparation is very creamy!

If you are very sensitive to bitterness, this matcha is made for you!

It is also very good prepared hot, even if I specifically chose it to be prepared iced or cold.

Have you ever been unable to make your morning matcha while on a trip or traveling for business?Now, with this summer matcha, it will always be possible. We also offer a more economical 50 gram size in our store.

Why are the organic labels crossed out?

You should really watch the video below because it's a good story... I show what the importation products looks like for organic products, and what went wrong this time.

To sum up,

  • the matcha is certified in Japan according to the JAS standards
  • for this new product, I imported a small lot, following all the directives of the organic importation process
  • the shipping company caused me to miss a crucial step with a negligent mistake: they did not submit the package for inspection by the organic authorities at the French customs checkpoint
  • this "irregularity" led to a downgrading of the merchandise
  • this means that it cannot be sold as organic, and that I don't even have the right to say that it is organic, so I'm telling you that it is not organic

I almost gave up and decided to drink this small series of summer matcha myself (I don't know how long that would have taken!)

But I found that that wouldn't be fair.

  • because the error is not my fault, and I went through all of the steps correctly
  • it's unfair to the partner-farmer that I met in Uji, because his matcha is delicious and of very high quality
  • it's unfair to all the people who participated in the creation of this matcha to be enjoyed cold, like Neco who did us the honor of drawing her version of the Kumiko woman to decorate the 50g and 5g sachets.

Neco is a Japanese tattoo artist who lives in Paris (she also says she's a cat), look at her presentation video:

@goentattoo :

the summer matcha is also available in mini 5g sachets here >> (ideal for business trips and travel)

  • to prepare cold: use 1 to 2g per 250mL of cold water, mix well in a shaker
  • to prepare hot: use 1g per 80mL of 70°C water, use a bamboo whisk to mix and make a fine mousse
  • you can experiment with the measurements to find the dose that you like the most! With slightly stronger doses, the matcha will be even creamier and will have even more of the Uji sun taste! And, prepared cold, zero bitterness!
  • summer matcha - 5g
  • sourced from a coop that I visited in Uji
  • zero bitterness when prepared cold
  • approved by JAS certifications, but not Europe or French
  • net weight : 5g
  • best kept in the refrigerator
  • resealable kraft food sachet
  • vintage harvested in 2018, very limited availibility
  • best consumed before: Octobre 2019 (lot 1807)
required legal disclosure
  • price per kilo : 1400€
summer matcha to be consumed cold - 5g

summer matcha to be consumed cold - 5g

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summer matcha to be consumed cold - 5g

summer matcha to be consumed cold - 5g