bamboo matcha spoon by Hirata-san


a beautiful object to use every day meticulously hand painted by Hirata-san, in this special limited edition

Hirata-san and his father are master chasen (or matcha whisk) artisans. Their know-how is passed down from generation to generation. Hirata-san has been hand making matcha whisks for 20 years, and his father has been doing the same for over 50.

They have been using the same artisanal techniques for 500 years.

Hirata-san invites you to take pleasure in the choice of your utensils for matcha tea.

According to him, the quality of the preparation depends on the quality and the beauty of the objects surrounding the matcha tea, whether it be for a ceremonial ritual or for daily consumption.

That's why he also likes to work on the beauty of the bamboo spoons, also called chashaku, to prepare matcha tea.

This bamboo spoon by Harata-san is shaped in a piece of bamboo and then passed through hot steam to be hand bent. It's a process that requires a lot of patience and dexterity to keep the bamboo from breaking.

Next, Hirata-san hand-paints it to embellish it and offer you a more inspirational experience.

Each model is a limited edition of just 10 units.

Hirata-san et sa famille d'artisans

As I visit my farmers and artisan partners very year, I will see Hirata-san and his family again.

Send me your comments and your reviews so that I can pass them on to him, this will make him very happy and proud that his chasens are being used by the matcha community in France.

It is also possible to commission a specific pattern by contacting us.

Follow the instructions in our matcha preparation guide to use these accessories.

Be sure to always keep this delicate item dry and to wipe it with a dry cloth after each use.

Not dishwasher safe.

  • bamboo matcha spoon for matcha tea
  • hand-painted by Hirata-san
  • wrapped in signature packaging

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bamboo matcha spoon by Hirata-san

bamboo matcha spoon by Hirata-san