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Welcome, I am Valentin of Kumiko Matcha.

I would like to take a few moments to welcome you to Kumiko Matcha and to your community!

Here's a video I made to say hello.

You have found a great group of people!

People who are excited about premium organic matcha, and who share my mission to make premium organic matcha known, because it is a gateway to a healthier and more conscious way of life.

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You will find all our products on the shop the shop and also on our collections page. Shipping is free for orders over 40€.

I hope you have a wonderful discovery for your new matcha tea order!

While waiting for your order to arrive, you can explore and inspire yourself:

On the discover page, I present you matcha through photos and videos. Come watch my video about the story of this adventure. And join the community on the community page, where you will find our private group.

If you are a matcha novice

I recommend that you order a Japanese matcha set that contains a box of premium matcha tea, a bamboo whisk, and a bamboo spoon. It's the perfect set to begin your matcha journey. Come and see the shop and the collections as well!

I can't wait to interact with you!

I invite you to join us on the Facebook page and to comment with a phrase that represents you. I will personally respond :)

And tell me if you have any questions or comments, I'll take care of you.

Thanks for your visit and see you very soon!

Valentin Van Nhut

Kumiko Matcha