the adventure

the Kumiko Matcha adventure

Welcome! I filmed this video in Japan to tell you about the adventure behind Kumiko Matcha:

"Live not only as if each day is your last, but also as if you will live forever..."

When I was 17, I had a heart attack.

As I was leaving the hospital, a doctor told me,

"Valentin, we don't know what you have. We don't know how to cure you. We just know that you could have a heart attack at any moment. Enjoy your life.

I was in shock for a week. Then I understood: it's the most beautiful gift that I've ever received in life.

As if a light switch had been flipped, my life completely changed. I decided to live in the moment and to do away with all of my fears and restrictive beliefs. To pursue my dreams, to live a life full of adventure and to take advantage of each day as if it was my last.

I took medication every day to reduce the risk, since the doctors didn't know how to cure me. I lived from day to day. Intensely. And, as I took my pills each morning I would ask myself, "And if today is my last day, what will I do?"

I wanted to experience everything. Since my life could end at any given moment, I had to live all of the experiences that life could offer me as soon as possible. I asked myself how I could do more with the time that I was given. The world was my testing ground, and I its sponge. My new mantra was "if something scares you, do it now."

I created the blog Super Vagabond to share my story and my adventures. At 18, I went to Bangkok to learn Thai boxing, then I embarked upon many voyages and adventures, meeting many people along the way. You can follow my Super Vagabond adventures on my YouTube channel:

At 19, I had another heart attack.

Lying in the ambulance with worried people surrounding me, checking that the electrodes on my torso were properly attached in case they needed to administer an electric shock, I looked incredulously at the electrocardiogram. I took note of my record: 247 beats per minute (or 4 per second).

Each second, my heart beat less and less quickly. At that moment, I told myself...Ok, I'm fine with dying now. That I was so grateful for all the experiences that life had given me. And especially following my first attack that had been such a major wake-up call.

I said to myself: "But if I survive, wooow! I will live an even greater, fuller life, go fulfill my dreams, inspire those whom I meet, and share these gifts life has bestowed upon me with the world."

I survived, and the doctor told me, "Valentin, we don't know what you have, or how to cure you...and this could happen again at any time. Take full advantage of your life, and double your medication dosage."

Through these years, I was obsessed by a question : How can we do the best with the time that we have?

I became an insatiable student, reading dozens of books on productivity, personal development, time management, emotions, success, spirituality, and many other subjects... At the same time, I met with dozens of mentors, gurus, and senseis in my quest for an answer to my question.

I realized that, if I lived each day as if it were my last, I was always alive! But that it was also necessary to live with a vision of the future.

In 2013, 5 years after my first heart attack, the doctors called me back. They had discovered how to cure me! I went in for an operation and, overnight, I was cured: no more medication, no more heart attacks. I was so grateful 🙏 

I learned so much from this experience and this quest for how to do the best with the time that I have.

The main lesson I learned from all of this is my message to the world, and to you: "Live as if you might die tomorrow, and also as if you will live forever."

This is a mirror of Kumiko Matcha's motto: eternal beauty, starting now.

Kumiko: eternal beauty, starting now

In 2012, I was working for my first mentor, Vince, in Shanghai, China to create a French wine brand for the Chinese market. During this period, I tasted "green tea power" in a Starbucks green tea latte.

Then I discovered matcha tea and was inspired by its traditional preparation ritual, its health benefits, and its strong link with meditation.

I began drinking matcha tea every morning, and I found that this practice helped me to live a healthier and more conscious life. It's a morning ritual that does so much good and that stimulates the body while also refreshing the spirit.

Since it was not very well-known in France at that time, whenever I would return I had a lot of trouble finding quality matcha. The products available in France were disappointing. And I always dreamed of "bringing a discovery back from my voyages to share with my community."

So, I decided to put matcha on the map in France and to participate in the development of the matcha tea community, specifically by focusing on premium organic matcha and its contribution to a healthy and conscious way of life.

I named the brand Kumiko Matcha because "Kumiko" means "eternal beauty" in Japanese.

When I created Kumiko Matcha 3 years ago, I felt very attached to the notion of inner and outer beauty that matcha can uncover. The genesis of a healthier way of life, health benefits, antioxidants, meditation, good habits, and many other wonderful things..

Valentin in a matcha tea field in Japan

Now, I invite you to discover matcha tea as well by going to this page. Click here to continue your discovery.