Let's help people discover premium organic matcha together!

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Hi, it's Val from Kumiko Matcha!

As you know, my mission is to help people discover authentic premium organic matcha tea from Japan and to develop the organic matcha tea community in France.

There is nothing better than having fans share their experience in a video to help achieve this goal!

I will give a 15€ shop coupon to any Kumiko-fans that make a short "comment video" of 20-50 seconds.

Let's go!

Follow these simple steps:

step 1

enregistre ta vidéo avec un smartphone ou une tablette

Get a smartphone or a tablet that can make videos.

step 2

enregistre ton commentaire vidéo

Record your video comment

(20-50 seconds long)

I suggest that you ask a friend or family member to film the video (and then to prepare him or her a good matcha tea once you have received your gift card)🍵💚)

the elements of the video

In order for your video to be approved, it has to include these 3 elements:

  1. mention "Kumiko Matcha"
  2. clearly show your face and a Kumiko Matcha product
  3. comment on the product and on your customer experience

step 3

envoyer la vidéo par email

Send me your video by e-mail

(from the device on which it was recorded)

Subject of the e-mail:

Kumiko Matcha video comment

Send the video to: