Do you want to live a healthier and more conscious life? Watch this video:

Kumiko: eternal beauty, starting now

This is the essence of Kumiko. Everything that beauty can represent: a magical instant, inner beauty, design, physique, a morning ritual...for forever, and always in the moment.

How do I join the private group?

My goal is to create a community for organic matcha enthusiasts and many other related subjects.

I believe that organic matcha is a gateway to a healthier and more conscious way of life.

A way of life where we cultivate our inner and outer beauty with meditation and yoga, for example.

A way of life where we surround ourselves with beauty to be inspired and creative, with design, art, and travel.

If you share the same aspiration and you want to participate, come join the private group. It's open to everyone and it's free of charge.

You will also have the possibility to give your opinion on the news and the direction of Kumiko Matcha: I often refer to the community's collective intelligence. And then you will have priority access to all the Kumiko events that I organize...

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Valentin Van Nhut

Kumiko Matcha