la communauté du thé matcha

Welcome to the Kumiko Matcha community! I am very happy to welcome you.

What is "the community"?

I see the world of premium organic matcha as a wine enthusiast sees his wine cellar.. He is educated about the product, he likes to share and discuss his experiences.

I think that drinking premium organic matcha every morning is a gateway to a healthier and more conscious way of life. And I want to offer a space to these enthusiasts to discover, discuss, unite, explore.

You can join our community for free. It's a private group on Facebook, open to anyone and everyone who would like to share and talk about matcha tea, and many other related topics: Japanese teas, meditation, yoga, well-being, Japan...

So, welcome to "your" community! You can find me there and I'll be happy to talk to you!

Click on this link to join the community >>

My mission for Kumiko Matcha is to help people discover premium organic matcha tea from Japan.

Why organic? It's very important to me for 3 reasons.


  • to protect the environment : during a visit to one of the farms in Japan, I discovered that the local and international demand for matcha tea is so high that farmers cover their fields in pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase the yearly harvest and production. On the ground, I saw that drinking "conventional" matcha tea is not a neutral act: it means (whether involuntarily or not) participating in the destruction of the environment.

  • to protect the Kumiko Matcha community : from the farmers in the fields to the client drinking a morning matcha, I want to protect the health of all those involved in Kumiko Matcha.

  • to be a force for good in the world and to embody the change that I wish to see in the world

My intentions to be a force for good through Kumiko Matcha

When I launched Kumiko Matcha in 2013, I only had a blurry vision of what I had set out to do. Since, I have evolved considerably, thanks to my mentors, the books I have read, and the experience that life has bestowed upon me.

I decided to completely reconceive both my position and the vision of Kumiko Matcha, and also my way of seeing my business. I now give you an explicit intention: for Kumiko Matcha and myself to be a force for good, ethics, and the flow of sharing.

  • By using mostly recyclable materials, using FSC paper, and promoting organic and fair trade products, I am trying to make sure that Kumiko Matcha is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.
  • By donating a portion of our sales to charitable organizations and projects, and drawing inspiration from the B Lab certification, I want to make sure that Kumiko Matcha is as ethical as possible.
  • By only offering one product, I want to make sure that Kumiko Matcha creates the flow of sharing as much as possible : I share my experiences and I invite you to participate in the creation of our community!