What is matcha tea? What are its benefits? Why drink it?

premium organic matcha tea

Are you in search of inner piece and serenity? Maybe you're already a fan of green tea? Or maybe you want to discover new flavors and good organic products?

Maybe you are interested in zen and in tea ceremonies? Or maybe by the longevity of Okinawa's 100-year-olds?

Val from Kumiko Matcha All of these reasons are completely aligned with matcha tea and with the philosophy of Kumiko Matcha. If this is your first experience in this universe, I would like to welcome you!

My name is Valentin and I founded Kumiko Matcha in 2013 to help others discover the wonders of authentic premium organic matcha tea from Japan, and to contribute to a more conscious, healthier, and more ethical way of life!

I have a very special relationship with passing time, since I had a heart attack at the age of 17.  And a second at 19. For several years, I lived as if each day was my last, and I learned much about the gift of life. When I was 23, I was cured! The main lesson I learned from this experience (and my message to you), is this way of life: living fully both from day to day, and for eternity…

This is a mirror of Kumiko Matcha's motto: eternal beauty, starting now. I named the brand Kumiko Matcha because "Kumiko" means "eternal beauty" in Japanese. This is the essence of Kumiko. Everything that beauty can represent: a magical instant, inner beauty, design, physique, a morning ritual...for forever, and always in the moment.

Kumiko, eternal beauty starting now

Matcha tea is both new and a result of over 800 years of know-how passed down from generation to generation in Japan. Because it has been hidden, it is new and a well-kept secret! During the time of the samurais, matcha tea was a treasure reserved for the emperor of Japan. Zen Buddhist monks also drank matcha tea for meditation. The highest echelons of Japanese society used it as a remedy. And today, matcha is only just starting to become popular in the West!

accessories to prepare a matcha tea

Drinking a good, simply prepared organic matcha tea is, above all, a moment of personal pleasure (so you have to discover the technique!). A luxurious and soothing ritual, filled with beautiful colors and objects. It means setting aside time and space for yourself. It can also be a convivial and agreeable moment to share!

It is ideal to use a Japanese matcha tea set, which contains a box of premium organic matcha and bamboo utensils for your tea ritual.

Matcha is green tea grown and produced using unique methods by artisan Japanese farmers. The leaves, rather than being infused, are ground into a very fine powder. This power is mixed with hot water in a matcha bowl and mixed using a special tool called a chasen (a matcha whisk sculpted from a single piece of bamboo). The tea leaf is therefore consumed in its entirety, which delivers a phenomenal amount of antioxidants (137 times more than an infused tea!)

a field of matcha tea

It offers multiple health benefits! The combination of caffeine with an amino acid called L-Theanine is excellent for concentration, soothing nerves, and promoting an energized, yet calm state of mind. Many scientific studies have also found a correlation between the consumption of EGCG catechins and a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, along with some evidence that they could contribute to weight loss!

When I returned from my travels in Asia, the matcha tea I found was sub-par. I found dusty "fake matcha" that had a yellowish color and a bitter taste- the kind of product we always find in large supermarkets. This was nothing compared to premium organic matcha: a delicate, intensely jade-colored powder. A rich and mellow mouthfeel with a delicious flavor. When you drink it, there is an overwhelming explosion of flavors and subtle notes of the sweet smells of Spring. As with a fine wine, the more you drink premium matcha, the further developed your palate will become, and the more exquisite flavors you will discover!

Un producteur de thé matcha à UjiI know all of my matcha artisan producers and farmers personally, since I travel to Japan every year to visit them. I sell exclusively organic products through Kumiko Match for 3 reasons: 1) to protect the environment, 2) to protect the health of the entire Kumiko community, all the way from the farmers at the tea plantations to you, my client, and 3) to make Kumiko a force for good and to fully embody the change that I wish to see in the world.

To all novices and matcha enthusiasts alike, I invite you to join our community. Take pleasure in ordering your premium organic Japanese matcha tea set!

And tell me if you have any questions or comments - I'll always take care of you.

Happy tasting!

Valentin Van Nhut
founder, Kumiko Matcha

eternal beauty, starting now

Kumiko Matcha


PS: Are you wondering how to prepare a creamy and buttery matcha tea? Click here to access the guide and to see a video of me preparing a matcha tea >>

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