Kumiko, eternal beauty from now

welcome to Kumiko Matcha

It's a pleasure to welcome you here. To begin, please watch this video....


100% tea leaves, nothing else. Produced and cultivated by artisan Japanese farmers using a unique method. The leaves, rather than being infused, are ground into a very fine powder. The tea leaf is therefore consumed in its entirety, which delivers a phenomenal amount of antioxidants (137 times more than an infused tea!).

passing time

I have a very special relationship with passing time, since I had a heart attack at the age of 17. For several years, I lived as if each day was my last. I've learned a lot from this gift of life, and now I try to live not only as if each day is my last, but also as if I will live forever...

eternal beauty, starting now

This is the essence of Kumiko. Everything that beauty can represent: a magical instant, inner beauty, design, physique, a morning ritual...for forever, and always in the moment.


I sell exclusively organic products through Kumiko Match for 3 reasons: 1) to protect the environment, 2) to protect the health of the entire Kumiko community, all the way from the farmers at the tea plantations to you, my client, and 3) to make Kumiko a force for good and to fully embody the change that I wish to see in the world.


In biology, a community is a system in which living organisms share a common environment in which they interact for the common good. To all novices and matcha enthusiasts alike, I invite you to join our community...

un trait de pinceau avec du matcha